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Friday, March 4, 2011

98th Southampton International Exhibition

I had one acceptance in the Nature Digital class, in the 98th Southampton International Exhibition (SIE 2011) photo contest, organized by the Southampton Camera Club, in Great Britain.

They attracted well over 11,000 entries from more than 60 countries around the world, confirming their position as one of the largest photographic salons in the United Kingdom. There will be an exhibition of all the prize-winning images in the central atrium of Southampton's WestQuay Shopping Centre from Thursday 5 May to Sunday 8 May 2011, as well as presentations of a selection of the best images from SIE 2011 at several locations within the UK (for dates and venues, check their website).

Here is the accepted photo of mine:

Lampides boeticus


Brent said...


I see that this honor is only the latest in a growing list of international recognitions of this exquisite photograph.

Is this Peablue pollinating lemon blossoms in this capture? Where did you come across this marvelous occurence?

To catch the crisp details of its feeding behavior with the clear view of its proboscis deep into the nectar adds a sense of wonder and life force to an otherwise aesthetically beautiful composition.

markop said...

Thanks a lot Brent for appreciating my work :)

No, the flowers are not lemon blossoms, they belong to the plant known as "sea squill", which is native to the Mediterranean. You can see the flowers better in this other photo of mine, captured on the same day and place as the one with the butterfly:

The scientific name of the plant is still disputed between "Charybdis maritima", "Urginea maritima" and half a dozen other names... More info on the plant here: