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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Three of my wildflower photos published

Ophrys heldreichii
Ophrys heldreichii

Tulipa doerfleri (anthers intact)
Tulipa doerfleri

Bellis sp.

These three photos of mine, picturing wildflowers growing on Crete, are featured in a book by Theano Metaxa, titled "Το λουλούδι στην κρητική μαντινάδα", which translates to: "Flowers in Cretan Mantinades".

Συγγραφέας: Μεταξά Νίκου Θεανώ
Τίτλος: Το λουλούδι στην κρητική μαντινάδα
Εκδόσεις: Δοκιμάκης
Έτος: 2009
ISBN: 978-960-98766-9-8

Mantinada is Cretan folk poetry, specifically rhyming couplets, typically improvised during dance music. The book is a compilation of mantinades featuring flowers, meticulously collected over the years by Mrs Metaxa. It also features full-page photos of beautiful flowers by various Cretan photographers, including yours truly :)


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Pavlos said...

Παντα τετοια Σταυρο!!! Μπραβο!

sebi_2569 said...

very interesant your blog; bravo

Crete said...

Wonderful pictures! Especially the "Tulipa doerfleri"..i haven't seen it before.